the weed caitlyn got from alex really is super good. she got a good amount too.

i’m listening to the spill canvas’s gestalt album for the first time ever, even though this album has been out for a few years now lol omg it’s great i can’t believe i dont have it. i really need it.

i absolutely hate when i’m high and i think of this great thing but i forget it just as fast as i thought of it. i keep misspelling omg. i seriously havent gotten high probably since my birthday for all i even know

i had a really good productive day today. a lot of cleaning lol shit was so gross omg i wanted to read but didnt do that and i also had an urge to write in my actual notebook. but i only write it in that for poetic stuff or something like that. i need to write something crazy.

and caitlyn made a new piece for the grav bong but it was all resinated up.. that shit hit better than the weed lol

my fingers are nasty i should clean them

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