Looking back on it, I was actually pretty fucked up earlier. I took a few videos of myself that are definitely embarrassing lol. I’m glad I wasn’t anymore fucked up. It’s funny they really expect you to bite down on the gauze when I swear, all I wanted to do was talk. Idk. Caitlyn said when she had her gall bladder removed all she wanted to do was sleep but that’s kind of a more serious surgury.

 The bleeding has gone down a lot, Caitlyn had to buy me more gauze, but the left side is still bleeding more than the right side. The left side is also where my problem tooth was. Hopefully it stops soon. (It’s supposed to after 24 hours but idk it might take a little longer) Tasting blood all the time really blows.

I really hate all this medication I have to take, it makes me nervous. Even though I still consider myself in great health, I feel like I’ve been a drinker every week for the past 8 years. I’m obviously not drinking or smoking but I just worry about the organs in my belly a little. I’m not supposed to smoke for at least 3 days but I probably just won’t till the medication is all gone maybe. I’m fucking scared to drink taking medication lol. 

Caitlyn wrote down in the reminders on my phone when I’m supposed to take everything because holy fuck, it is way too confusing. I actually delayed two of them for a little but I took the Norco and the antibiotic just now because my stomach was feeling queesy. I ate two bags of mashed potatoes and one can of soup total today so it’s not like I’m hungry. 

I can’t wait till I’m done with it all. There was 20 pills in the Norco and antibiotic and I hope I’m completely done with them by Saturday so I can drink but idk. It’ll be hard not to drink at pride at least.. The 600mg ibuprofen has like 30 and I get one refill on that so that rules, I really like ibuprofen but Alex says to be careful with that shit cuz it can mess with your stomach.

Honestly what pill fucking doesn’t though. That’s why I’m so nervous. Ugh

Caitlyn works all day tomorrow. I kinda want to pick up a shift since I’m now $2146 in debt but idk. I’m bummed out, I just want to spend time with Caitlyn. Work would make me feel better too maybe but ugh idk 

I hate pills and I hate my bloody mouth. 

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