My mouth feels so weird.. I have one episode left of OITNB… I really hope Caitlyn remembers to bring me home a mcflurry πŸ˜“ I work open-close tomorrow I gotta make sure I bring all the meds and the soups with me.. I don’t have a purse and I guess it’s times like now one would be nice LOL jk we have a new bag from Indianapolis pride it says totes gay it’s awesome.

My mouth is still bleeding, it freaking sucks. I brushed my teeth earlier and it was scary. 

I’ve been home alone all day so I’m kinda bummed. I don’t want to finish OITNB yet. I should find something else to watch . I don’t feel like reading. I want caitlyn to hug me. 

Oh, I also just gotta say, I know piper has gotten a lot of hate this season and I totally get it but without her, there would be NO OITNB. Truth. She’s kinda the queen. I mean Walter white was a totally shitty dude too but he was kinda the main character. 

And this egg salad is delish .

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