I kinda had a break down the other day. I slept in my car for two nights in a row because I really didn’t even want to be near Caitlyn. Everything depressed me so much. But I’m okay now. Shit sucked but I definitely feel better mentally. 

My gums have finally stopped bleeding 😄

At work, one of the drivers got robbed, this bitch totally opened his car door and took money out of his wallet then threw the wallet right back in the car as he was walking out , omg it was horrible, fortunately the cops caught her like 40 minutes later. She didn’t even drive a mile away LOL

People are horrible.

I was so proud of myself though, I had NEVER tried searching back on the cameras before to try to replay them. I figured it out though thanks to the times I’ve watched candy do it. If I wouldn’t have been able to, who knows if the cops would’ve found that bitch. I felt pretty important.

Columbus pride was great, the parade was unstoppable despite the downpour of rain. The puddles were up to our ankles in a lot of places. Festival got cancelled so then all the bars and restaurants got jam packed. When me and Caitlyn got back home, I drank like two beers and made out with her delicious vagina and then we passed out lol.

I’m trying to make sure I at least take one antibiotic a day and I’ve only been taking like one or two ibuprofens a day. I rarely take the Norco. 

I gotta open to close tomorrow, I need sleep.

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