Cincinnati pride was great, so many people. We brought spike to her first ever pride, poor Caitlyn’s hands hurt now lol she definitely tugs a lot. But soooo many people complimented and pet her and she got to meet other doggys who were all very nice to her except these poodles omg lmao pitbulls are vicious my ass, fucking poodles are worse!!! Spike is the biggest sweetheart in the world.

We met Steve grand, that was mad cool.

For some reason the water was very high tide so one of the stages was in a different area. There were no boat rides or fireworks this year 😦  oh well I guess.

I’m working open-close on July 4th but July 5th I’m seeing fireworks over a lake with Caitlyn and spike 🙂 hopefully spike doesn’t get scared lol 

Gotta work open-close tomorrow too bye 

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