Night of July 7th Caitlyn and I will be heading to a town outside of the Pittsburgh area to meet up with Caitlyn’s dad and her other side of the family. July 9th we are going to Pittsburgh warped tour with Stephanie. Her and Steph are gonna be in town too but for two weeks, Caitlyn and I are only spending around 3 days so we can go back to work. I think it’s like a 5 hour drive or something. 

July 16th is cincinnati warped tour. July 31st is a show in Columbus. State champs is headlining but I’m mainly going for hit the lights.
August 2nd is a show in Indianapolis, it’s another commit this to memory show from motion city soundtrack (it’ll be my 3rd show lmao) and the spill canvas is opening up for them so that’ll be sweet. 

August 18th and august 20th are two other shows with the spill canvas headlining I believe, one in Columbus and one inCincinnati

And bayside have a show in Cincinnati on September 15th

I’m definitely excited to see fireworks over a lake with Caitlyn and spike this Sunday.

Trying to look forward to all this exciting stuff to distract myself from tomorrow being July 1st, seven years since my mom died. I already made myself cry last night. I bought myself a 40 of king cobra before I even started thinking about her and fortunately when I got home Caitlyn woke up from a nap and hung out with me so that made me happy

I really missed drinking king cobra lol a 40 oz is only $2.12 like I just love getting drunk so cheaply lol.

Man overboards new album heavy love is okay, it’s not as great as I thought it’d be but it’s okay. I’m still waiting to get Anthony Raneri’s Sorry State Of Mind in the mail, it is ridiculously incredible. The Wonder Years released a music video for a new song off a new album coming out in September, it’s really good, kinda reminds me of Jasmine. Just how I felt bad for not being there but they always have intense songs lol they’re really great.

Caitlyn and I really need to get more weed soon. I don’t think we even have anymore at all and that really freaks me out. I usually get stuff before we run out completely. I mean I kinda buy more stuff of anything before it runs out completely, it’s just smart but oops I guess.

I hope caitlyn can get a new job soon. She’s trying to find a job that will work with her school schedule and will hopefully actually give her off when she requests off months in advance. Mcdonalds is just not fucking worth it. She takes way too much pride in her job, she deserves something so much better, she deserves so much more respect. I’m happy I’ve finally got it through to her. But I guess there’s a lot of work places that will dick you over when it comes to needing days off.

I really don’t know how I got so fucking lucky with dominos. Scheduling is so ridiculously flexible. My manager candy just gets it, she knows that we work so we can have a life.

Caitlyn is supposed to be at school tonight 6-10 but instead she was scheduled at work 2-10 and then she has to go right back into work at 6am till 4 and I work 4-cl so I won’t even get to see her at all on one of the worst days of the year hah.
I really wish I had weed ugh

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