So I guess the whole Pittsburgh area, where Caitlyn’s family lives, is actually a new option for moving now.

It’s a perfect region for concerts/shows . Caitlyn has her friends and family, I’m a lot closer to New York for mine and Stephanie said she’s cool with it too. Caitlyn’s grandma said she pays $600 for her townhome! We pay $660!! We also pay for one cat and one dog lol. But Caitlyn’s grandma has a 2 bedroom with a basement. And her shit actually works there.

I remember when our oven broke and no one came for 2 months to fix it. Now our shower takes like a whole week for the water to drain (I’ve spent almost $200 on drain openers) so yeah I’ve been washing my hair in the sink. It fucking sucks.

Ugh spike fucking broke one of the cases for my masked intruder cd. The part the booklet goes in. She didn’t tear up the booklet, just the plastic part… I don’t fucking get how she can be so behaved whenever we take her on vacation with us but if we’re just fucking sleeping, she can be such a bitch…. Ughhhhhh

The whole reason I even woke up is because she started whining but when I get up, she lays down and doesn’t follow me. She’s confusing sometimes.  She already shit downstairs too and it smells like I want to vomit. 

I think it would be a lot cheaper to move to the Pittsburgh area. I really do love the stars out in Arizona but maybe another year we’ll live there. 

Who knows.

Also, I feel mentally fucked up about some shit but I’m good at keeping that fucked-up-ness swept under the rug. I think very soon I’m going to get around to cleaning it out altogether. Actually, it’s not even something I can clean, only time can make it disappear and I’m very antsy wishing time would pass yet getting older is not delightful to think about, I like to try to savor moments but yet these have kinda been the hardest fucking years of my life but I truly feel things are going to be a lot easier now, I just need all this to pass. Like right fucking now.

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