I’m drinking coffee. It is GORGEOUS outside. Today is my only day off besides Thursday and I’m going to warped tour all day thursday. I definitely need to clean today but I’d also really like to get my glasses readjusted and take spike to the dog park.

I really want a fire too so I need to get shit done beforehand and then have a few drinks and a fire afterwards. That or watch a tv show called Lie To Me that I’ve watched only a couple episodes so far but Caitlyn isobsessed with it lol

Idk. I got beartooths cd at warped in Pittsburgh and listening to it in my car has really given me feels.

Eric texted me yesterday, I never text him first, he ALWAYS texts me first, and he said he starts his new job July 27th and apparently he’ll be “making $2000 a week” but he said he’ll pay me $500 from his first paycheck so I said alright lol. 

He even said he wants to get a house eventually but he doesn’t want to live alone so he was offering for me and Caitlyn to live with him expense free as long as we kept the place clean 😂 he said he would only offer this to someone he trusts and he acts like he really owes us one for letting him live with us. 

I’m totally down for that offer, Caitlyn is still doubtful of him until he finally pays us back, which is understandable.

He is seriously the one friend I’ve made from these past several months that doesn’t actually hate me like EVERYONE else.

Caitlyn’s off work early omg

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