Cincinnati warped tour was great

I’m sunburnt. I saw Hundredth while we looked over the map, i waited at the Monster stage and got barricade for an hour before Silverstein started, I met them during their signing and Shane Told recognized me and Caitlyn. I didn’t ask if he did but straight up told us he remembered us from Pittsburgh. That made my whole day.

Courtney hung out with me and Caitlyn for a bit after Silverstein, haven’t seen her in forever. She even smoked a blunt with us while we walked around, that was mad cool

We also watched some lesbian or transgender singer called Uberlight, Caitlyn bought a couple of her CDs lol, we also watched this singer, songwriter, soldier called Sgt Corrin Campbell. She was kinda boring but okay. I caught a little bit of Neck Deep, then got pit for The Wonder Years, that was exhausting. Then went right over to Beartooth and got pit and their pit made me so happy. Way more crowd surfers but team work was wonderful. There were a couple times TWO people would fall on top of each other on the ground but everyone got them back up. Like i don’t even know how that happened, there was just so much crowd surfing. 

So glad I got my glasses readjusted on Tuesday or I might’ve lost them 😎

Then I hurried over to Man Overboard because they already started and they were good but there was NO pit at all.. It was lame..

Also this happened and it’s too big for Instagram  

This was last week idc how stupid I look anymore, it’s memories. 

  We went to Wendy’s and I ate mad food afterwards and then I slept in the car and when we got home I tried to stay awake but I was SO SORE and I only had like 3 hours of sleep again and mad alcohol so I passed out lol 

But me and Caitlyn seriously need to go to Sams to shower because I am. DIGUSTING YUCK

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