My car is in the shop now 😕 fortunately I have collision on my insurance since my car was only a year old when I got it, so all I’ll be paying is the $500 deductible, I think. Which would be great because that’s literally all I can even spend 

What happened was we were on the highway coming back to Middletown from Columbus. The show was awesome, HTL played a lot of newer songs so that was sweet. We didn’t even stay for State Champs because I don’t care much for them and the crowd was way too wild for such a small ass room but oh well. 

There was this semi truck pulled over and I guess it may have been the truck’s tire we ran over. Caitlyn was driving because I had been drinking but I told progressive that I was driving because fuck that. And since I unfortunately never recovered any info from that truck or driver, the accident is considered my fault. Whatever. Hopefully my premium won’t become too much more expensive.  I just want my car back to normal. I’m so glad my dad pays for AAA for me because that’s how we got home. For free, thank God. Saturday no one answered the phones at the shop and Sunday they were closed. Monday we were going to go but after the show Sunday night in Indianapolis (motion city soundtrack, the spill canvas, sorority noise) we were pretty beat and didn’t want to wake up, besides I HAD to get up for an open-close at work and Caitlyn had an 11 hour shift too and we wanted the little extra sleep we could get.

So we got up today, it took the towing place 3 hours to finally pick my car up (again, very glad I had AAA Friday night because they only took like a half hour) and I guess they’re just gonna put the bill with Joe Morgan Honda so I’m hoping it’ll be included with progressive and stuff

Shoutout to Caitlyn making the first phone calls today to the towing place and Joe Morgan honda. She loves me and her love makes me happy ❤️

Life has really been a dick this year, since like late last year 😑

I still need to buy Bayside/The Early November tickets for next month and I need to buy Evanescence tickets for November with a hotel room somewhere in Nashville.

I need alcohol before Caitlyn goes to school tonight. I guess she’s quitting weed so she can get this $14.76 an hour job at AK Steel, I hope she passes this test. She still has to schedule it. She’s smoked a ton more weed than I have these past few months, I really hope she can get her system cleaned out 😕😪

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