I really need a new computer 

Or maybe I can work with just getting a new keyboard. 

I need to pick back up on some things I left off on.

If only. 

I was watching this episode of hoarders earlier, this dude had 30 cats plus an additional 13 dead kittens/cats in his house.

Dead kittens made me cry a little.

I also watched some YouTube videos of people being crushed to death by elevators today. I still think about the lady who got sucked into the escalator, how her kid just watched and saw everything. How that video will be online forever.

Sam came over to hang out tonight. Sam seems like an okay person but I literally have what seems like 0 mutual interests with him so I’m always anti-social as fuck.

I’ve recently realized keeping a good stockpile of bones for spike to have keeps her really happy. Probably as happy as basic food and water idk lol 

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