There’s like $1800 in damages to my car. I don’t know when it’ll be done, either tomorrow, Saturday, Monday or who knows. I didn’t get any phone calls today. I really hope soon because having a car is a very nice thing.

My dad called yesterday and he told me he was laying out mulch for the trees in the backyard, and I asked him how it was going, and he said it was stressful, and I asked why, and he just says “grandma.” He hasn’t told her about my car at all and doesn’t plan on it because she’ll just flip out. He told me he thinks she needs to be put on psychiatric meds. I swear her health is so good physically at least. He told me how no one ever wants to be around her and conversations with her are always short. 

I even told my grandma once she was senile. That’s just me, honest even if it’s mean. I would want the truth even if it hurts. Of course she couldn’t handle it. I know she’s old and I should be nice to her and she’s definitely done a lot for me but when she attacks me, I just can’t. The truth has to come out. She’s so isolated without my dad taking care of her. She thinks everyone else is heartless, she never evaluates herself. She flips out over the dumbest shit.

Like when I made a post on Facebook on Martin Luther King Jr day saying “fuck yeah MLKJ” that’s literally all I said. She messages me telling me I could lose my job and get in serious trouble, I’m prejudice/racist blah blah blah. I think she just saw the word fuck and immediately thought the post was negative. My grandma should really stay off of Facebook, she’s a lot of drama. Oh well. 

Oh my god, is she controlling too. After my mom died, I didn’t really want to live back with my aunts because it would’ve been awkward (I winded up doing it anyway) so then when she asked if I was going to stay with her and my dad, I said “I don’t feel like I have a choice” and she said “that’s what I like to hear” and she laughed. It pissed me off silently so I went and stayed with Belinda for a few months and then moved back in with my aunts till I moved out to ohio.

If it was just me and my dad, it would be so much more manageable. He became a much nicer person to me after my mom died/he stopped drinking/my brother and I both moved out of state/whatever else happened. He really feels obligated to take care of grandma which is very great of him, since no one else wants ANYTHING to do with her. It’s hard to take care of someone very controlling and oblivious and negative.

My grandmas backyard is the most incredible place in the world though. It is a world of it’s own. The whole house can be pretty creepy, I used to think it was haunted all the time. It might be.

Caitlyn had school today but instead she came home from work to fall asleep. Just as I wrote that she texted me lol I really hope she somehow passes that drug test on Monday ugh

Weed is not as bad as alcohol wtf world.

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