I may not have any friends but at least I have the best dad in the world.

He literally sent me a credit card in the mail. I can’t really read his handwriting too well, but I know the amount on it is either $1500 or $4500 (pretty sure it’s $1500) lmao but honestly I’m never gonna fucking use it 😂 but the fact that he sent me it, it shows me a lot. It shows that he trusts me to be smart financially and that means a lot. A lot.I’m already like $3500-$4000 in debt just because of my wisdom teeth and going dumb crazy on my actual credit cards. I would never fuck my dad over because of concert tickets. But I hope he realizes I’ll be getting more money out of him for Xmas, lmao , jk omg he’s so fucking great though. It’s just knowing that he really wants to help me this much, it really means so much. 

My life’s going to get better. Slowly. But I feel it so much ❤

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