At biolife and it feels so good. I have like a half hour though to pump like 610 more ml of blood because I have to go to work. I’m so small, it seems like everyone else can do at least 800ml. Mine is 690ml.

I woke up in a sad mood today so I decided to come here. I just can’t wait for it to be Friday. I hope Friday I can have a key and an address but I don’t know for sure. Ugh I really hope.

If I come back to biolife again on Friday, I’ll have an extra $65 for the week because they had some special for august. I think it’s usually $20 for the first visit and then $30 for the 2nd and then back to $20. But till the 29th, they’re doing $45 for the 2nd visit. 

Cool stuff. Saving lives too yo. I gotta make sure I wake up early Friday so I can get stuff done. I’m not sure if I’m closing Thursday night yet. As of now, I’m not but candy might give it to me.

I love when people compliment how great my veins are. They’re just easy to find.

Omg my coworker wants to smoke wax with me. He says there’s like no smell to it so we can just do it in the office 😂 but idk I might just tell him we should go out to my car. I’ve been wanting to smoke wax for a while but I’m not fully sure how and no one has wanted to smoke with me before. All I know is I should prepare to geek out lol

I haven’t been high or drunk since the night before Caitlyn broke up with me. I still have like 9 weed cupcakes in my car too. I definitely want to get fucked up soon, probably with Chelsea and her sisters. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve gone more than a week without drinking and smoking. I’ve just been smoking cigarettes. I’m just gonna finish the pack and be done. It’s too nasty to get addicted, I’ll always have weed if I crave to smoke something.

I’m gonna be late to work hah.

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