I definitely need to recoup from last night. I feel so slow and burnt out today, its funny but bad because I’m trying to move out of this hellhole like asap. Im having trouble processing what I need to do. Like I know what I need to do actually, I just can’t motivate myself to function haha. I’m drinking coffee right now trying to regenerate some brain cells hah.

It’s literally been over 2 weeks since I’ve had any alcohol. Sooooo crazy. I want to drink but I’ve gotta get shit done, I shouldn’t even have smoked so much last night but I can never turn down weed sometimes lmao. Caitlyn texted Chelsea yesterday to relay a message to me and it really got me depressed and pissed off the rest of the night. Caitlyn is getting financial help from angel and angels mom. So that’s cool. But just hearing about and from Caitlyn drives me nuts. I really need to just shut her out of my thoughts. I need to keep looking forward, and moving forward in life, if I think about Caitlyn, it’s just never good. It’s really bad.

Me, Chelsea, Shay, Ciara and Angela smoked weed for what seemed like 5 hours straight. There’s this weird ass fuck of a show called Salad Fingers, absolutely tripped me out. I need to watch it again hahah.

There’s always people chilling at Chelsea’s place and it’s a lot of fun going there and hanging out.

Ugh I need to pack shit. I should play music, that’ll help

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