A while back, I helped Caitlyn get a car by co-signing with her and I had asked her today via snapchat message if she could re-finance her car payments so I could be off that car title.

She doesn’t want to do it, literally out of spite. No other reason. She’s always been 100% unwilling to compromise since we broke up. And I’m the one that’s childish?

Also, fricking Alisa messaged me from Caitlyn’s snapchat account trying to start shit. I have Alisa blocked on Facebook. And now she’s trying to talk shit to me on Caitlyn’s snapchat. And I’m the one who’s full of drama?

I am soooo over this.

Fortunately today marked it that I was 100% out of hellhole and 100% in the new place. I just got mad shit to put away and I need to buy a bed and a couch, and another desk or something and that’s it.

I hope things go well with Caitlyn getting my name off the lease but I honestly don’t care. I needed to get out of there so much. 

She can’t hurt me anymore.

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