Drinking coffee before I shower and head to work.

The progress in my apartment is going very slow. I haven’t had a day off yet though and I worked 15 hours yesterday. This week I have another 6 days. I think my only day off is Friday. Alicia is gonna start closing on Friday nights till January. That shit is fucking awesome.

Tomorrow I’m going to see fireworks over the Ohio/Kentucky River. I’m meeting up with Chelsea and some of her friends and also with Courtney and some of her friends. Should be a fun time.

Last night after work I went over Angelas apartment, it’s like 5-10 minutes away from me and she’s got writing all over all her walls like pinkie used to in high school and there was like 9 people there and like 3 or 4 people never smoked out of a gravity bong before so I brought mine and showed them how and they had maddd weed and I brought over pizza and it was just a sweet time.

Chelsea’s sister Mary and this other girl, I think her name is Ciara, they are really funny when they’re high. They randomly went outside for a 10-15 minute walk and apparently they found a Christmas tree and a shit ton of cats and they called it a cat posse and then Chelsea is like “pussy posse” and it was really funny.

Wednesday after I got done moving and shit, I went to Columbus to see the wonder years perform an acoustic in-store performance at this record store called “magnolia Thunderpussy” and I was 40 minutes late and missed the ENTIRE set but I still got their album and a signing so that was okay. Crazy how late I was though. Then on my way back to Middletown my phone died and the charger in my car doesn’t work anymore so I had to navigate myself back home using highway signs and it was actually very simple surprisingly. I also was getting extremely sleepy because I had been awake since 730am so I got off the highway and pulled into a bob Evans parking lot and fell asleep in my car for 2 hours. It was kinda funny. I’ve been on too many roadtrips that I don’t fuck around when I’m getting tired at the wheel. It’s just scary.

OMG I need concert tickets

-November 1st: The Story So Far

-November 3rd: Man Overboard and A Loss For Words

-November 13th: Evanescence (maybe,hopefully)

-December 15th: Silverstein and Senses Fail

OMG bayside and The Early November on the 15th of this month, my ticket is somewhere in my messy car.

I NEED TO ORGANIZE AND FOCUS UGH I want to get drunk tomorrow.

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