Tia invited me back over to Angela’s tonight and I learned that it’s not just Angela’s place, Tia lives here too and I think one or two other people. Taylor called me Jesus twice tonight because I brought over pizza and shared cigarettes lol. Tia and Erica went into it tonight about doing performances at the masque and then somehow the subject turned into their moms for a while. Tia’s mom died like 6 years ago and Erica’s mom died last month. It was really cool listening to them. Taylor went to bed earlier and matty is also here sleeping. Erica and Tia both told me I can come over whenever I want☺️. Erica also told me she doesn’t like Caitlyn that much because of that one time when she was at our place a while back and Caitlyn kept saying how she couldn’t wait till I got home from work and then when I got home, Caitlyn didn’t pay any attention to me or something hah.

Now they’re talking about Moonville ohio omg we need to make plans to go 

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