Last night was pretty amazing

First off, I had OFF WORK on a fucking Friday. And I probably won’t again like I hoped šŸ˜” but I was so happy yesterday.

Me, Tia, tj, Mary and Taylor went to the dent schoolhouse, it’s one of the first haunted attractions to open for the season. It was Tia’s first haunted house and she thought she was gonna shit herself but she liked it haha. Then after that, we all spontanously decided to go to downtown Cincinnati and walk across the bridge into Newport Kentucky. It gave all of us so many feels. I was a little sad at first, looking over the Cincinnati riverfront where I has asked Caitlyn to be my girlfriend but Tia and tj were all something like “now you can make new memories!!” And it made me feel really good. Mary said that I have a really good soul, that made me feel super good.
Like wow, I have friends that actually genuinely like and care about my fucking existence.

When we got to Newport and we went down to the water and looked at Cincinnati, it was just sooooo pretty and everything felt so good.. We literally just hung out on the rocks looking over the water for like an hour.

We were all sober btw which makes it even more special, even though I really wanted some weed haha.

We got back to Middletown by like 3:30, Mary and Taylor left so it was me, Tia and tj chillin watching a scary movie called Evil Dead. I don’t wth scary movies often, so I was getting super pissed and freaked out and Tia thought I was hilarious lolol oops. 

I checked my phone at like 5am to check to see what time I had to go to work… I completely forgot I had to work an open-close. I went back home at like 7am and I only got like an hour of sleep..

I was sooooo grumpy and sad af this morning. None of us wanted last night to end. Even TJ said it was “cleansing” but I also believe he had a strong meditation game going haha but it really was though.

We all repeated over and over last night how glad we were that we all met each other and became friends. I miss feeling like this. We all needed that night.

But yeah, I was grumpy and sad af to be at work. I became okay by like 5 and 6 because my dudes Ryan and Cameron came into work and they just made me so happy. They always want to help me and they listen to me and they’re funny and it’s nice and they’re important to me.
I literally even napped in the office today for a solid 30 minutes and nobody even was mad at me. Like I went to sit in the office to eat and then I got super tired because it was my first time sitting and I realized how tired I was and I literally had to put my head down. Amanda was the only one in the office with me and after a minute, she was like “I’m gonna go help make food” and turned off the light and shut the door behind her! That was nice. Freaking Cameron does the funniest thing, he fucking got some beachwaves sound on his phone for like falling asleep to, and I barely remember him doing that, but it was awesome.

I really love how nice people are to me sometimes

I could’ve hung out again tonight, Tia says all the time that I can come chill whenever I want. It’s such a relief to know that I have somewhere I can go if I don’t want to be alone.

All my friends are fucking gay too, some are drag kings, drag queens, like omg they’re all so perfect.

Chelsea introduced me to everybody and when she invited me over to Angela and Tia’s, it’s been nothing but good vibes and good times since. 

I stayed home tonight instead of hanging out because I have to clean some things and I probably should spend some time with my cats … Lol I actually took Jack over yesterday for like an hour before we went to the dent schoolhouse. He tried to hide at first but then he just laid on me for a long time and headbashed everybody else randomly. He’s the best. 

I need to sleep lol omg

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