Chelsea told me last night that Caitlyn and angel broke up already, AND Caitlyn’s already dating someone new 

I wanted I vomit but I laughed about it

My brain feels like mush, I got soo drunk last night. I drank a whole 6 pack of budlight platinum plus I bought an ounce of weed and a bunch of us smoked gravs, there’s still so much weed left, I’m happy.

Omfg bayside tonight I’m so excited. Tia is coming with me. She has such great taste in music. I got her addicted to neck deep too because I played that “a part of me” song for her once and yeah haha I don’t even own any of their albums we were just randomly listening to music.

Randomly last night too she just started busting out writing poetry in her notebook and I saw some of it and it’s SO GOOD WTF 

We have so much in common and omg apparently there’s an assistant manager that works at hothead burritos that’s goin to see bayside tonight. 

Bayside bayside bayside bayside I need a haircut

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