Everyone went to the masque tonight. I came home. I have to work open through rush tomorrow and holy shit do I need some alone time. I am literally either at work or hanging out. It feels so good to be by myself right now.

I still have stuff to put away… I need to also sort through my bills… I should also give the cats baths… The flea issue isn’t completely gone but HOLY SHIT it is so much better than what it used to be.

Tia is being everyone’s DD tonight even though she wanted to drink herself. She’s ridiculously selfless and it’s so admirable.

Erica and chance are performing tonight. 

I think there seems to be a lot of drama when it comes to the masque.. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to go but I probably will eventually… I’m not worried about running into Caitlyn, she’s pretty dead to me. Apparently she’s working a hellton anyway at her new job with AK Steel. I hope she’s okay there. I’ve heard some fucked up death stories about that place.

Can I just say also that Tia looked so fucking good tonight. 

I wonder if she’s already told anyone about last night. Ugh I’ll probably only ever get to be intimate with her when we’re alone watching shows/movies.

I feel awkward.

My moms birthday is tomorrow .

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