Ughhh I really like Tia. We both aren’t wanting a relationship, we both just got out of one. We both want to keep everything on the down low because she doesn’t want anyone assuming anything and I don’t want us to look like we’re anything other than friends.

Chance and Erica are the only ones who know. Angela asked about it yesterday but everyone lied to her. I felt super guilty about that, I hate lies. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there when she asked.

We have so much in common but it’s such a mixture of me feeling that she’s drop dead gorgeous and she could like someone hotter than me and I’m a little bit more level headed and responsible than her and that I shouldn’t settle either. Her maturity and selflessness is really pulling too. I admire it so much. 

Everytime I get out of a relationship though and find someone new, it always seems the new person has precisely what the old person sucked at. So I’m keeping my eyes open. It’s very possible she just wants to have fun and that this “going slow” thing will wind up leading nowhere. That would make me sad but at the same time, I can really ask her how she feels anytime I need to and I know she would be honest.

I definitely don’t want to lose any of my new friends, including her, I would be devastated and that is my ultimate goal. 

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