Last night was insane as fuck and I have to leave for work in 40 minutes tops. 

Apparently some Chris dude called Tia to tell her he was outside with “lean” and percs and I swear to god if I was there I would’ve put his fucking face in the cement. I guess yesterday was a anniversary of one of Tia’s miscarriages (the other was in august) and this guy fucks with her every anniversary ,  idk but I’m ready to fight someone for real especially after the other day when Allie tried to get me fired but that’s a whole other story 

There was so much other shit but I don’t have time for an update

Here’s a picture of all the alcohol lol 

And here’s Tia being like oh no and the back of chances head and someone’s hair lol I think Angela 

 I have to get ready my cats are pissed I’m not home enough ugh

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