I swear, when I went to work yesterday, I was still drunk. My brain felt like cottage cheese. By the last hour, I started to feel really sick. I ate, drank water, took medicine but the only thing I needed was to sleep

I owe my driver last night so much for finishing cleaning

I don’t remember falling asleep at the misfits apt when we were all drunk. I just woke up and yeah

I slept solid as fuck last night

And I’m realizing that I really need to be alone more. I haven’t stopped hanging out since Caitlyn broke up with me and I really think I should have more alone time. 

And if I do hang out, I should probably stay away from Tia for a bit, idk, I just need to simmer the feels down for a bit šŸ˜…

But I really want to be alone. And I really want my twloha movie back omg lol Erica like binge watched it the other day

God it’s so early right now I want to go donate

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