Quick update while I eat before I head to the misfits apartment.

Tonight’s event features extravagant cleaning! Lol their place is kinda a mess. Nowhere near as bad as maple oaks with Caitlyn but still pretty bad. They have easy fixes, they just really need to keep up on basic chores

The funny thing is is I’m bringing over the cleaning supplies. And I’m bringing over food because they have none.

I just hope if I ever need help one day that they’ll come through for me. I can’t forget how low and alone I felt last month. I need people to need me. But more than that i need to be respected and appreciated. So far it’s good hah.

Chance texted me at like 1am when I was asleep saying that Caitlyn was at the masque and I was like good thing I’m not there and I asked who she was with and chance said her girlfriend and omg I would have either vomited or killed myself or I don’t know.

If I ever see Caitlyn again, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d either run and hide or punch her in the face. I probably wouldn’t do either. I’d just continue to hang out with my friends and hope she sees me and feels terrible things. Hah. 

I’ll never forget how alone I felt last month. I never want to feel that way again.

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