At work but I should update because my last post was sad and I’m okay now. A little bit.

I was just tempted to do something stupid like Molly, chance knows where to get it 


Tia is a good person

Evanescence concert in November is fucking sold out and that’s terrible because I don’t have a ticket yet.. UGH

Stubhub has them for like $145.. fuck my life.

At least Caitlyn’s sister is still awesome.  
Everyone’s got jobs now but everyone works 2nd shift like me so I’m still hanging out like all the time haha

In other great news, I got sexXxXxXx it was fantastic and I’m happy about it. Tia seems to be too. I’ve fucked her like 3 times already and she’s fucked me once and her fucking me was REALLY good and me fucking her has been pretty awesome too. Honestly I think it gets better, so far lol.

In other terrible news, I’m really miserable if I go a whole day without smoking a cigarette. But I guess I don’t care. One of these days I’ll get drunk and chain smoke a whole pack in one night and make myself sick and quit like I did in 2008. Hopefully or something.


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