holy fuck i need to update

thursday night there was like 10-15 of us at the hillman house to have a fire,but all the wood i brought over from candys backyard like a week or 2 ago had been burned already ahah so i was pretty lost on what to do and then ERICA and shay decided to hop the neighbors fence and steal wood from their yard which was badass AF and somehow erica found a gas tank thing and she fucking got a cup and pours gas in it and the fire just EXPLODES for a few seconds and she does this over and over and it was just the funniest thing. erica is so crazy

friday erica had to work 11-4 but instead her body decides to vomit blood so she went to the hospital and its suspected that she’s got crohn’s disease now too…… apparently she puked blood 3 days in a row. i think shes still waiting on tests to see whats wrong with her. shes about to have bills out the ass. so since she had to go to the hospital instead of work, and she didn’t call to say she couldn’t show up, she got fired. the manager is a dick and was like “well since you’re so sick, you really shouldn’t be working” but whatever erica’s got a interview today anyway at the place angela, chance and shay are all working at. hopefully that goes okay.

saturday and sunday have just been chill days.

monday night was not. today, tuesday october 13th marks 5 years since tia’s mom died. i thought she was going to be fine, god that was a huge misjudgement. but like earlier in the day monday, tia was telling me how she’s all determined and motivated to get her old job at the mall back and she has to get a car for that and she wants to get her own place and she just seemed in really high spirits.

i planned on spending monday and tonight alone so i can clean a little and organize my life in my apartment somewhat. there was just no way but because tia got off work at like 10:30 or 11 and she was wandering middletown all night until like 2am. she wouldn’t tell me where she was but she finally went home when i told her i was going to the apartment. when i got there, there’s like 10ish people in the living room hanging out but tia was in the bedroom listening to the song “things left unsaid” by disciple on repeat. she told me she took 4 xanax and did 6 drinks of lean or something. i’m not entirely sure what lean means but i think it’s cough syrup

so yeah we both finally fell asleep around 4 or 5ish.

things are really unresolved for her and her mom because of how she died and what happened. i’m really helpless and it’s just really fucked up but i’m glad she understands she needs to focus on really taking care of herself. she works 11-7 today and i think her and erica are going over the casey’s later somehow to have a movie night or something. usually everyone goes to the masque on tuesdays but a huge fight broke out last night at the masque (not surprising) and some people got really hurt so erica is skipping out.

oops i bought another pack of cigarettes last night. i’ll try to smoke them slowly…. but it’s whatever.

i want to go donate. i work at 3 tomorrow and hopefully i’m off by 7 or 8 so we can go to Bar Louie again for $1 beers.

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