I don’t really have much to update about. I’m working a short shift today, like 4 or 5 hours and then I’m gonna hang out at Bar Louie again tonight with Erica Tia and Casey.

Candy started working on the schedule yesterday while she was delivering and when she leaves on deliveries, she leaves the schedule in the store. She does this a lot and I always take it and fill some in to help out. I pretty much never do mine though because I just let her work me whatever she needs me to which obviously usually changes every week. But yesterday I decided to do mine myself  

 And as we see here, I clearly like to kill myself oops for real I need hours all the time though.. If I only work 40 for the week, I’m broke as fuuuck. Oh well though. 

Also, I’m growing weed lmao. I don’t know how to make it bud really but fuck it, I want to try. I just like growing something. Hopefully the kitty fuckers don’t fuck with it but they might so I might have to make room in my closet soon for it.


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