Hello 2 months since Caitlyn broke up with me.

Chillin with Tia and Angela right now watching netflix. Some pbs show called Animal Misfits, it’s honestly so funny. 

I took Angela to the hospital tonight because her stomach was really hurting her. They just think it’s some viral thing and they gave her Vicodin and a bunch of other shit… That’s really weird. Honestly every time I pet or hold the cats in this apartment, my allergies go crazy. This place really isn’t the cleanest to be at. 

Before I took Angela to the hospital, I went to the Dayton courthouse square (where Dayton pride fest is every year) for this Spirit Day Vigil thing and I actually heard about it on Facebook by this Kevin Mabrey dude (he also hosted the Leelah Alcorn vigil I went to) and he posted in the event asking if anyone wanted to tell their story or read a poem so I totally went through some of my old poems and found two, one about losing God because I was gay and another about losing a friend because I was gay and just hating myself because I was gay and I sorta combined them a little and yeah I read it in front of like 40 people. I was slightly nervous, I’m definitely not a public speaker whatsoever. But this guy came up to me afterwards and asked if he could find my poem anywhere and that he really loved it. Total self esteem boost.

Look at me I’m cool      

That shirt I’m wearing has a black cat on it and my dad bought me it along with 4 other cat shirts, I love them. I love my dad. Cats are great. 

Especially my cat.   
  The sassy head role in the last second though omg I love him so much he tolerates meβ€οΈπŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

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