i just have to write about this because i have to.
i went to caitlyn’s new girlfriend’s/fiance type thing’s facebook just cause i wanted to see
and her default is literally her and caitlyn of course but caitlyn has like… 2 very visible hickeys on her neck…. like look, i’m all for hickeys , i think they’re great but showing them off is what makes them trashy… and this is your default on facebook… her cover photo is also caitlyn… there’s also like 10 of the same picture of caitlyn sleeping… like dude… i bet she will NEVER EVER get a decent video of how amazing it is of caitlyn talking in her sleep. she’ll never.

oh and get this. i know she was an 18 year old but its even better, there’s a picture of her on the ground and in the cement in chalk it says “seniors 16” so this girl IS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL GAG VOMIT LOL WTF OMG GAGGGG i don’t even know


also tia posted this on facebook and i’m am UTTERLY TERRIBLE at number 3, 5 and 7

Actually, i’m probably pretty terrible at all of this and i might actually be good at number 2 but that just gets me fucked over

i suck at life when will it be over.

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