Tonight was fun. The show was sold out but Tia and Erica still came to “columbo” with me and they hung out with teejay while I was seein TSSF. Turnover and Basement were the only other bands playing but they were real good.  

My phone died right as they started to play clairvoyant. 

Erica’s staying the night in Columbus. I’m working open to close tomorrow then going back to pick her up. 

I got a fucking speeding ticket tonight too, for doing an 80 in a 65. EVERYONE GOES 80 ON A HIGHWAY.

Real lucky though because I smoked a blunt right before me and Tia left and I can’t believe the cop didn’t suspect anything.. Tia even mentioned how the cop could’ve used my bumper stickers as probable cause to search my car… LOL

Tia is good at making me feel like my life is better than the way I think or feel it is sometimes. Like when we were at the masque on the 27th for the Halloween show, how she said “Caitlyn is stepping on your turf” because all my friends are much better performers and they’re there every week.. It was funny but it just made me feel so much more secure that night 

I’m gay.

I seriously just wanted to fuck her in my car.


OMG I can’t remember the last time I slept in my own bed.. 

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