I have to open at work tomorrow and I should not even consider getting trashed but I am.

I did not do half the shit I told myself I was going to do today.

I really feel like something deadly is coming. I feel haunted.

I really want a legitimate ghost hunting experience but hauntedcincinnatitours.com asks for money..

Everything asks for money… Even proper burials ask for money.. 

THERES A QUOTE I want to post in here, can’t remember it but it was something about the devil and how it won’t look like a monster with red eyes or horns, it’ll just look like the person you love most and isn’t that the scariest thing ever? 

God I really just want a few beers at least..

I lowkey need more balance in my life.. But I don’t truly know what that would consist of entirely… I’m lost at sea floating away with the waves

I don’t care. I could die tomorrow. Nothing’s gonna last.

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