Last night I got drunk and we went to some haunted park? It was awesome. I just loved the car ride. And being at the fucking park. I love parks. It’s a New York thing

I got out of the car and stood on a rock and felt almighty. I went down by the water/river/stream thing and I was literally living on the edge. I ran off in the distance to go pee (so happy I have paper towels in my car) and I came back to the car and JUMPED on it and scared everyone and I felt powerful.

I wanted another 40 when we left but no one wanted me to keep drinking 😅

I apologized for being annoying but Angela and Tia still love me. Yayyy

And last night I cuddled with Tia and dreamed of rainbows and it was awesome 

I never did get Erica from Columbus. She hasn’t told me she’s wanted to come back. She’s lowkey being a little reckless. Whatever. I guess we’ll see what happens

Fuck ohio for not legalizing weed. Honestly it was a fucking scam. Something about how if you voted No on issue 2, it automatically disqualified issue 3 (which was for weed) I didn’t vote because I’ve moved and I’m not sure if I was able to plus I didn’t feel like being around a bunch of strangers.

I really need to go back to biolife soon.

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