Hung out with Tia and Angela all day. 

We tried to check out this abandoned haunted jail in Lebanon, it’s super old and completely hidden behind woods

But we didn’t even get to see it because Angela and Tia started freaking out. Something really crazy happened to Tia, I got so scared she was gonna walk in front of a car, and she fucking had a cut randomly appear out of nowhere right on her chest where her cross from her necklace is..

It’s super faded now but it was legit almost bleeding

Angela went to this jail back in like May or something with some people and she had some INSANE shit happen to her friends. She didn’t feel comfortable knowing our phones were already dying and we didn’t have flashlights.

I think we might go back Sunday afternoon.. maybe… Idk when but I’m dying to go back. Like we didn’t even see the jail, we were just on the grounds.

 Tomorrow we’re goin to the Cincinnati museum because there’s free admission for their 25th anniversary 🙂

Lebanon is fun as fuck, we went to this Harmon park and hung out underneath this bridge and it reminded me of what I used to do in beacon 🙂 if only we had a blunt lol and then Angela’s mom came by to talk to Angela and give her money and stuff and we were just walking out from under the bridge and Angela’s mom is already in the parking lot and she’s like “Angela?” and me and Tia tripped out because it felt like high school again LOL 


Okay I’m gonna find something to watch on netflix and probably try to sleep because we’re getting up dope early tomorrow for the museum. And then I have to work 4-close at dominos. And then probably hangin out again yayyy

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