Yesterday me Angela and Tia roamed around

They’re looking to move out of their apartment. There’s this trailer park place called Catalina, it’s really not that bad and they have 3 bedrooms (although one bedroom is like storage room size) that are the same price as my 1 bedroom apartment now. Like wtf what am I doing. It’s kind of out of the way though, like where chance, Mary and shay live.

But then they looked at this house that was like a 2 bedroom with a loft and a basement. Bomb as fuck. I hope they somehow move out and afford that place. It’d be Angela Tia and skylar. And pretty much me part time. I already told them I wouldn’t even tell them when I was comin over, all they would have to do is check the back yard to see if a fire was going and they’d know if I was there or not. I already pretty much live with Angela and Tia now..

I really really miss having fires, on a high key serious real note.

Erica has been in Columbus for going on 2 weeks now and I really think she should just stay up there. She came down for the masque last night and she just went right back to Columbus LOL. 

I open today I should probably walk inside the store lolololol

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