All we do is drive

I should update while I got a minute.

Soooo Erica is history. Already deleted her off snapchat and Facebook. No problem here dropping her at all. She only reminded me of Caitlyn’s friends honestly.. She just takes advantage and doesn’t care, completely selfish.

She finally came and got her stuff from the apartment and she doesn’t even say goodbye to Tia.. And it’s apparent that Erica has just been talking mad shit about Angela and Tia so GOODBYE.

I wasn’t at the apartment while Tia was there letting Erica get her stuff, I was at home sleeping because I started drinking at 2pm and yeah I needed to sleep the drunk away and I have to open tomorrow, 

I was at the masque just now but Tia was ready to leave ,

And tonight earlier she said out loud to others that I was her girlfriend, I wasn’t there but she said it just slipped, and idk that shit is just cute as fuck.

She’s good as fuck to me.

But no dating anytime soon. I need stability. And friends friends friends.

DJ time bye 

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