last night i woke up at like 2am ish to this HORRIBLE stomach pain, like i literally rolled off the bed cringing. it was so bad, no idea what it was.

i forced myself up to take 2 menstridol pills. eventually i was able to go back asleep. i don’t know if my period will start soon but holy crap, i have not felt pain like that, like ever.

the inside of my mouth is sore as fuck because all i ever do is CHEW CHEW CHEW on my gums. just a bad habit.

i’m waiting for tia to get off work, and then i’m taking angela to work before i go to work and probably picking her back up when im off too.

i’m sad, i feel empty, i want adventure, i really want to go back to the lebanon jail, we havent yet, i really want to go to a concert, i miss having fires, i really want something fun and exciting.

i want to see baby tigers and wolves in indiana, i want to go out to eat at new restaurants, i want to stay at a haunted hotel in chicago and there’s another in kentucky.

ew i need to get up and do something

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