Tonight was great

Angela, Tia, skylar, Kim, Ciara, chance, shay, Mary, Riley, 3 other people I didn’t know well, 

Misfit thanksgiving. Angela Tia and skylar did an amazing job cooking.

Everyone’s already left, thank god though because there was a lot of conversations and it’s difficult paying attention to everyone. Plus I’m too mellow. 

Tia seems to be in a bad mood now, her blogs are pretty messed up but idk. She won’t talk to me so what can I do. Not letting it bring me down. 

I helped her get her stuff today from where she used to live in Cincinnati. Had to make two trips but it wasn’t bad at all and I’m glad she got her stuff.

She seemed to have started to become upset after me, her, shay and skylar made a quick trip to my place to smoke and she had a spontaneous idea to go somewhere and she decided on Nashville but it’s like 5-6 hours away, no one has gas money for me, and literally all she had as a destination were bars. Like dude no.

Whatever idk. I want a roadtrip but something like that needs to be more organized and planned. And worthwhile. 

Today my brother I grew up with turned 26. Idk him anymore though. I said happy birthday on Facebook at least. 

Can’t wait for Angela to get home so I can just go home too.

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