hey whats up hellooooo

i could be getting an extra hour and a half of sleep but nahhhh
i’ve already started drinking coffee

i went shopping yesterday and could’ve easily bought some Kcups for my keurig machine but i didn’t…. because i’m so HOOKED on speedway’s coffee. potent AF. i’ve upgraded from drinking 12oz to a 16oz. it’s the strongest shit i’ve ever had idk lolol.

me and tia spent the night at my apartment last night 🙂 for some reason i find it harder to sleep here than i do at her place. i definitely sleep at her apartment moooooore than my own..

skylar officially moved in with angela and tia 🙂 she’s chill as fuck, i was pulling in the parking lot last night and she was with her friend dude or boo thang person and she asked if i was listening to beartooth and i’m like hell yeah, they’re coming to columbus on dec 18th, hittin that shit up fer sureeeee

work’s been pretty annoying lately, a few experienced people quit and we have new people and they fuck shit up and of course being the manager, i’m the one who deals with it….  having to be responsible for others is probably the worst thing about my job. Mary starts working with me today though! that’s chance’s lil sister, this is her first job so i hope she likes it because i’m training her and i need her to stick around because i literally hate training for the most part so i don’t want my patience to be put to waste LOL but i will be since she’s my friend.

i also work 12 hours today. 55 hours total for the week. in the midst of also helping make sure my other friends get to and from their jobs as well. tuesday is my only day off. i know my main friends are probably going to go to the masque.. i’m not feeling it this week.. we have to get up early afternoon too at least because we ARE going to the Lebanon jail this time lolololol and then maybe ghost hunting at it wednesday night when i’m off work…


I want to keep updating but i don’t know what to say anymore. i have the most affectionate cats in the world. and tia is real fuckin adorbz. i actually asked her today if she could spend 24 hours without seeing me (can’t remember the last time it happened) and i sorta expected her to be like “ewwwuh whatever yes i could” but instead she said that she really doesn’t know at this point LOL i really do love sleeping next to her though

my back is so itchy from the healing scratch marks she caused.

okay i should go clean something bye


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