thanksgiving 2015

omgggggg TUESDAY me tia mary and caleb went to the fricking lebanon jail thing. it was so small. it was weird. but there was still bars on the windows. we were gonna go back last night to actually ghost hunt but i was tired and so was tia. tia passed out before i even got off work because she got so high lol.

i actually took some grav hits at my apartment before i drove over and omggg fuck that because i was like 5 seconds away, i was literally pulling into the parking lot and i thought i started seeing someone in my back seat. tripped me the fuck out. it was such an eerie night, ghost hunting would’ve been perfect but i was tired from work. the moon was straight up high in the sky and there was a ring around it!! it was bizarre. honestly i also should probably stop smoking with aluminum foil. i need to get new bowl pieces for the grav.

i work 4-close tonight. i’m not even wearing my dominos uniform. i’m wearing whatever. today is a day of nofucksgiving lol. poor skylar was gonna go to her family’s today but their dinner got pushed back to 5 and she has to work at 5 too. i just dropped tia off at her fam’s in dayton and then she works tonight 7pm-3am and then has to go back to work at 11am LOL so i’m not gonna see her till like friday night or some shit.

it feels SO NICE outside, it’s super warm, it’s literally 70 degrees. my phone says the next 5 days are gonna be nothing but clouds/rain 😦 at least today is nice…

after we checked out the jail on tuesday, we went back to the hillman house and finally had a fire with all the wood i’ve had in my trunk for weeks lol. it didn’t last long but it was so nice and warm. and i bought a 12 pack of budlight platinum that me and eleesha split (we picked her up after we got back to middletown) and i got so trashed. apparently i asked who tia was and where we were when we were in my own apartment. but i came to the conclusion i asked who she was because she was in fact laying in my bed and i was probably in complete disbelief someone so attractive and interested in me was laying in my bed.

when we were in lebanon, before we went to the jail, we also actually went inside the golden lamb inn, which is the oldest inn/hotel/motel thing in ohio i think. it really was old, the floors were so uneven and a lot of presidents/historical people have stayed there before and it IS known to be haunted and i want to stay there sometime and not even sleep and just wander the halls and ghost hunt LOL

ugh everything i want to do costs money and i want my friends with me and to help pitch in

we also went back to that swinging bridge, i fucking love jumping and running on it because it freaks everyone out. i did SOO much running around on tuesday, it was so much fun. being alive is fun sometimes.

Pictures and videos yay

  Dude there was so much wood everywhere… i wanted to get drunk and have a fire there real bad.. but we’d probably get in trouble…
  I’m real dumb but that tree i climbed was taller than it seems


 time for work.


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