Don’t lose your heart. Don’t lose your soul. Don’t give up control.

I work 70 hours this week.. It’s gonna be interesting.. So I got Mary a job here and pretty soon, eleesha and Tia will be working with me too, I’m pretty excited. I’m just looking forward to working with people who actually want to be here. So tired of people who don’t appreciate/need or even want to be here. It’s annoying/draining for me. Hopefully the 4 of us will be a strong force.

Saturday night I got super drunk because candy gave me the heads up that I was gonna have a lot of hours. It’s not the hours that’ll exhaust me. What will really wear me out is the fuckin 50% off pizzas deal that’s running this week. Everyone wants XLs and specialty pizzas. 

I drank two whole forties Saturday night. Fell asleep at like 6 or 7 in the morning. Woke up at 2 to bring Tia to work. Lol that was funny. 

This Saturday is this Christmas in Trenton thing. Candy makes cookies. There’s a parade through town. It’s fun. Me and Mary are working the morning shift. Then we both leave at 5, and then we’re gonna meet up with Tia and Angela and maybe some others and go to the lebanon Christmas parade at 7, apparently there’s horses. That’ll be cool. I really love lebanon. That jail is the CHILL spot.

I can’t wait for Tia and eleesha to work here. Work will be a lot more fun. And then they’ll be making more money so we can all do shit. Heck yeah

Hah today is gonna be such a long day. This week will be rough.
I’m a beast. OG af.  okay bye.

Praise be to coffee.

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