This is what I’m doing tonight! 


Yay OMG this is a great concert week. 

The 15th, I’m seeing Silverstein and Senses Fail, the 18th I’m seeing Beartooth, and the 19th I’m seeing The Academy Is with Tia.

And Tia starts working at dominos with me Monday!! So happy for her because her other job is NOT giving her the hours she needs and I’m so glad she wants to get on her grind lol 

I’m also so glad with how WARM it is, like it’s too hot even for a hoodie LOL which Tia hates because she loves the cold, she even cranked up the A/C last night like ew but WHATEVS she’s also concerned about global warming but it’s not even technically winter yet so it’s okay lololol maybe. Idk I mean ohio doesn’t get as much snow as other states anyway but the other day last week, when I was driving to work, there was some parts where there was grass normal green, and then out of nowhere EVERYTHING GOT WHITE and then I drove and found green again, it was weird and random 
I’m totally pre-gaming for the show tonight, I convinced Tia to come with me, tickets are only $10. I also have never been to this venue before!!!!!!!!! Seriously love ohio for all the music venues

I’ve never seen Masked Intruder live before yet, but I’ve watched YouTube videos and their crowd seems pretty boring.. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.. I’m interested as always in hearing the other new bands too. I like how skashank redemption is clearly a ripoff of shawshank redemption which is an awesome movie which was filmed at Ohio State Reformatory which I went to one time on a ghost hunt which was a lot of fun and educational even though I didn’t find any ghosts LOL  

Okay gotta roll a blunt

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