Everything just builds up in my mind if i don’t update

Starting with tuesday. Tia went to the Silverstein/Senses Fail show with me. Silverstein headlined and they made me so happy. I only found the drummer Paul right after the show instead of Shane. I stayed to the side of the pit before they got on . I was honestly actually a little annoyed while they were playing… I think I was only 3 people from barricade but there were literally people in front and around me NOT singing along or having fun, just staring at them. Like…. if you’re not here to see the HEADLINING band… Why the hell are you up front in people’s way that are? I just think it’s really rude.. These same people only sang along to about 1 or 2 songs. Fucking losers man.

Before the show, we stopped by this holiday light show that cost money per car, not person and it was really cute honestly I liked it. I want to go to more light shows. It’s the next best thing to fireworks in the summer.

Beartooth on Friday sold out, and they were soooo good live. I think it was just a bunch of bands from the area or something.  I didn’t get in the pit because I knew it was gonna be crazy af but I got a good view from the side, they were so good. 

The Academy Is on Saturday were cool too even though I never listened to them before. I’m happy Tia got to hear one of her favorite albums live. Only one band played before they got on and they were weird at first but they were actually very entertaining. After they were done, I ventured to the back, away from the front, because I didn’t want to be in front of anyone trying to have fun and have a good time. There were a lot more people by the time TAI were on. 

Tia is awake now. She’s spending the week with me because Angela has strep throat and if Tia catches it, she’ll be hospitalized. I’m coo with it 👌

I love working with Mary, eleesha, Tia and Angela. It’s more fun lol.

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