i am so blessed.

candy got me a fucking rainbow unicorn music box that plays that somewhere over the rainbow song. she said she saw how i wanted one years ago on facebook and she fucking got me one.

i can’t believe her, like that is probably one of the cutest and most thoughtful gifts i’ve ever gotten. it was literally a few weeks ago, me and tia were at meijer just shopping or whatever, and we were going through the christmas stuff and i found A TON of music boxes but of course they’re all just christmas songs so i didn’t buy any. i lowkey have been wanting a music box for forever just because it’s so calming. i had a couple growing up and i would fall asleep to them. when i was still dating caitlyn, i feel like i had really bad anxiety some nights with her and i would always have to fall asleep to rain sounds or something to help me sleep. sometimes that wouldn’t even work though. candy told me tonight how caitlyn wrote a status about how she doesn’t want to be an adult anymore, haha figures. #immatureAF

i haven’t really been hanging out with anyone the past few days, except tia. tia’s been sleeping over and it’s been soooo ….. fucking…. nice……

i just love spending time with her….  she loves working at dominos, i’m so happy for that. angela actually enjoys dominos too!! and she’s been back and forth through so many fucking jobs, it’s been annoying.

skyler apparently cut angela and maybe even me and tia off? because she doesn’t want to smoke weed or be around it anymore… and i guess she’s going through therapy and a lot of stuff… i really thought skyler was cool but i don’t know really, i’m all about mental health support obviously..??? but i guess skyler never thought i was cool enough. i don’t know, i feel like i should also be reaching out to people sometimes. which i haven’t been really. i just haven’t seen or met anyone who’s actually on my level. but now tia, angela, mary and eleesha work with me and they all seem to love it…

but just because i smoke weed or drink, doesn’t mean i don’t know how to have fun without it. i can understand angela, she literally just started smoking weed this year so maybe she’s probably still in the hype of it all but i’ve been smoking and drinking for years and the only time anyone could ever catch me smoking is after work in the LATE hours of the night. even alcohol too, like it’s literally just my wind down thing, and maybe skyler is just trying to change her life in the best way she can, idk :/


working through the holidayzzzzz

hopefully having a fire on new years eve if it’s nice. looks like today will be the last day of sunshine for awhile.. NOTHING BUT RAIN FOREVERRRR what is snow lol bye



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