silverstein announced a tour

they’re gonna be in columbus march 22, which is belinda’s birthday, which i also said i was gonna be in new york to visit for… but they’re gonna be in indianapolis on the 30th, i believe at the same venue i saw the spill canvas and motion city soundtrack back in august so that’s good. i can still see them, just once instead of twice.

i kinda don’t want to go to new york but i have to see my dad and grandma. plus belinda is the person i still talk with most. my dad’s birthday is march 16, and belinda’s is march 22. i was even thinking about staying till after easter which is march 27 i think but i don’t know anymore.

i don’t know yet if anyone wants to go with me. it’d just be too expensive for anyone to be off work for a week, let alone maybe 2 weeks, and to be able to feed themselves everyday hah. my dad already offered to pay for the hotel room like he did back in april for the weekend for me and caitlyn. so i might just stay a week. new york is just too expensive. he spends so much on me already.. i swear money comes out his ass.. either that or he’s smart in manipulating government money, i really don’t know how he or grandma do it.

while i’m in new york, i might probably visit helanna, and sammy, and probably wind up at the brittain house too. i also want people, anyone, nobodies or misfits, to go up the mountain with me and visit nyc with. i gotta visit my mom’s and jasmine’s grave too. always.

ew i  was missing my mom last night, literally teared up about it. just thinking how it’s going on EIGHT years now… it sucks

i think the weirdest thing about visiting new york which is what makes it so annoying sometimes, is how there’s all these past memories associated with every single street corner and every road, so many buildings, but there’s literally no present memories. the last time i visited for at least even a week was probably december 2012… jasmine OD’d february 2013 and i visited for her wake and then i stayed away till this year to visit a weekend for a concert..

winter of 2013 i visited minnesota… broke up with heather the following january 2014 due to the unattraction i felt growing for her (she later came out as a BOY that same year LOL) and then started dating caitlyn… may of this year, we visited AZ, NV, CA all at once, that was a blast, and also visited PA for a few days in july for her family and warped tour, and then she broke up with me in august for being unattracted to me because she felt like she was too boyish for me.. so yeah i haven’t visited NY at all and i’ve been okay with that…

yay tia is finally awake and i need a shower …

this update is the result of coffee lol.


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