life is so much better than it was 5 months ago

I’m so happy I can walk around my apartment barefoot or with just socks on and not step in something digusting anymore

new years eve was chill. worked till close but so did my friends. working with my friends makes me so happy. i’m so happy i was with some of them for midnight.

it was a bad night for a fire, but somehow it still happened.


 no one stayed outside for long at all, because no one else knows what a coat is. #theystillwishitwashoodyweather i love my marshmellow coat

  chance and his cat.

i actually have a couple days off of work this week! tia and mary are working tonight.

high profits is a really cool show

i woke up on the couch at angela and tia’s apartment and mary and shay were over too and they were smoking out of angela’s new awesome bong and angela was saying the funniest weirdest craziest shit.

i’m so happy i got so many of my friends a job at dominos because candy never fires anybody (seriously never has in the 5 years i’ve worked here)and she’s so nice and angela made a little over $300 in tips in 2 nights and it’s nice knowing she always has cash now and tia has actually been taking herself out shopping and it’s cute how happy she is.

i’m gonna get high and watch something and cuddle with my kitties till tia comes home.

But here’s some videos because they’re cute  


 Omg I took a selfie. Forever emo. My hair is actually really terrible

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