I am literally in tears right now, actually I’m crying, because Tia asked me about what happened when me and chance had a falling out earlier last year before Caitlyn broke up with me. When Alisa busted into my room to wake me up when him and ley were in the bathroom keeping Alisa awake. I had to explain how alisa “didn’t want to be mean to her friends” so I was fucking dragged into a situation I didn’t care about and made into an asshole. How chance’s hours got cut at dominos because he was NEVER showing up. And now I guess someone or people think I had a problem with chance being gender fluid and that’s why his hours got cut? Fucking really?

I am still fucking hurt by everything that happened. I was so fucking unhappy for the first 8 months of last year. I was fucked over so much. 

No one ever fucking cares about how I feel

I’m gonna leave it at this because Tia is talking to me

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