I want to tell you there was no one that I ever believed in more than you

I love that she’s constantly asking if I’m okay. 

I love that she calls my apartment home

I’m gay

I got a haircut today. My hair was ugly as fuck

Still waiting and wondering if I’ll ever see a day where drivetime doesn’t call me. Caitlyn hasn’t been keeping up with her car payments or something. I’ve contacted her sister Steph numerous times to talk to Caitlyn about it and the results are always the same. I still get phone calls. I wish they would just repo the damn car already? As long as they don’t fuck with me at all,  besides my credit but whatever. I don’t see why Caitlyn couldn’t just take out a loan and finish her car payment off so I could be out of this for good but for her to be adult-like is a very tough thing… Candy even told me she recently made a status saying how she doesn’t want to be an adult anymore… She’s so dumb, it makes me want to die.

But that’s fine, she thinks she’s got more stability than me, that’s fineee. 

I secretly love that I can just lay on my apartments floor anywhere I want because it’s CLEAN and not permanently drenched in shit, piss and mold.

Tia is my best friend, I’m so happy I found all my new friends as fast as I did. They’re not perfect but at least they’re not fuckin users, liars, self-absorbed or self-righteous, attention needy, critical and judgemental, trashy, stealing pieces of shit.

God I was so angry. if I really make myself remember shit, it still hurts so much.

I’m off tomorrow. I need a strong drink. Or just to hang out, be in the new and exciting moment of life 

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