I woke up next to a body that didn’t belong to me

I woke up early today purposely so I could wash my blankets. I usually do my laundry fo’ free at dominos but my blankets are too big to fit in the washer there 

Plus I really miss the daylight. Winter is not my favorite season. I was actually thinking about buying a season pass again to the beach Waterpark this year for the summer. But I missed all their early discount sales before last year ended. I just want an excuse to wake up early and I love baking under the sun lol being there is a semi-way to escape without actually going anywhere.

Working with my friends is still going swell. Mary and Tia are the best. I really think Tia could be an assistant soon and that would be so nice because she can literally work whatever unlike Ryan and Katelyn. Ryan works like 10 hours a week. Starting the 25th, Katelyn is working like 25 hours a week. They have set schedules. They suck lol. So it’s literally just me and candy working what we have too. I love and need the hours but it’s just lame not having anyone else to rely on. It’s alright though, it’s really taught me not to binge drink before open shifts. It’s also really nice working with people now who actually love this job. Dominos is Mary’s first ever job so she’s super invested, it’s awesome. It’s draining always working with others who don’t need the job, don’t respect it and don’t even appreciate it. 
Today I have off work and I was gonna take Tia out on a date because it’ll be fun and then me Mary and Tia any maybe others are gonna watch the to write love on her arms movie because Mary hasn’t seen it and she really likes that chad Michael Murray dude or something lol

Tia actually spent the night at her apartment last night, it seems like she’s been sleeping over at mine for like a month now. She says my apartment is a lot easier to wind down at, a lot cleaner and it’s a lot easier to breathe in. What can I say.. I like cleanliness. Angela’s cat ozwald has like a dominance issue too and is always bugging Watson so he meows a lot while my 3 cats are EXTREMELY lovey dovey and affectionate and much more quiet. 

I think cats are highly intelligent in sensing when there are high stress levels in a living space.

Angela and I guess skylar and maybe hailey? I think were interested in getting a duplex together but idk if that’ll really happen. Tia has said that she doesn’t want to do it because the rent would be higher (plus they’ll be responsible for other bills) and Mary thinks it would be a bad idea for Tia too. I’ve suggested and Tia has thought about moving in with me but we’d have to really go back to acting like just friends I guess. Working together and living together might just result in us getting sick of each other so idk.

I want more coffee. Seriously love coffee lately. Not addicted, just heavily habitual lolz

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