Lazy af today

Worked an open-close yesterday, smoked 4 beers and a drank a few blunts afterwards. That was literally the way I wanted to say it at first and I think it’s worth it to not change it lol. For real, Tia and Mary came back to pick me up after close and Mary let me spark a blunt, that’s seriously real friendship right there, I’m so ecstatic at how decent my friends are.

I woke up today STARVING so I ordered pizza, went back to sleep, took headache medicine and a bath and now I’m drinking black tea.

I bought my coffee machine to work yesterday. I’m so okay with drinking black coffee as long as it has a little bit of sugar in it. I’m a bitter bitch.

I’m so happy headache medicine has caffeine in it.

Tia officially lives with me, as of like yesterday, but she’s already been living with me for like a month now at least. I’m probably gonna add her on the lease tomorrow. I’m letting her live rent free as I do with everyone I live with, and she’s for real so appreciative and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. 

I just want to be appreciated. Respected. And it just makes me feel better knowing I don’t need or rely on anyone to pay my bills.

I’ve lived with so many selfish people. I really hope Tia doesn’t ever start to take me for granted. Maybe if we remain friends things will be different. We really aren’t just friends though, far gone from it.

It’s probably frowned upon that I always let her borrow and use my car too though.. But idk, I think it’s cause I grew up watching my mom always borrow other people’s cars and she was respectful so I just always see it as okay.

She always texts me when she gets to and from places. She fills up my gas (which is so cheap right now, omfg 😄😄😄) idk it’s just not me to not share my resources and the things I have for the people I love.

I’m happy that Tia can live here and she knows I won’t use her shit without asking, or eat the food that she buys, unless she shares lol, and knowing she can save to help herself build back to the stable life she needs or even just to be able to spend to get shit she wants that make her really happy, because she’s adorable when she’s happy.

I really want to check the mail or something but it’s so fucking cold outside… Winter makes me sad. I’m literally chillin in my new TWLOHA sweatpants and a spill canvas tank top, not even wearing any socks and if I walk to the mail without shoes, I’ll probably die

Hate this time of year. My hands get dry and cracky, my dandruff gets more ridiculous, I never see enough daylight, snow and cold weather is just a pain in the ass for my car,

I’m gonna stop bitching now lol

But I love even the exhausting heat of summer. Sweating is so good for the human body honestly. The merciless sun can be cleansing in a way.

I also just love to be baked hah hah hah.

I’m dumb. I guess I should be happy the bugs are dead right now. Lmao

My bff   
I should go do something productive now.. I’m so lazy today..

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